Über Uns

The company El Tesoro Fruit S.A. located in Bogota/Colombia was created 1988. Since 1989 we have been exporting exotic fruits to Europe, Canada and Japan offering to our costumers the best quality products. We have the EUREPGAP certification.

The name "El Tesoro" means "the treasure". Our Logo is a Tolima´s native figure which represents the human figure. Its original, pure gold made, is exposed in the Gold Museum in Bogota, kept as an important tresure.

Fruits are true treasures by nature to be brought out. Accordingly each individual fruit is treated by us like a valuable treasure. Our cultivation areas are located in the Colombian Andes at heights between 1200 and 2000 meters sea-height.

We guarantee you perfectly matured, gently treated fruits. In "El Tesoro Fruit" in Bogota, we employ 80 coworkers in the administration and in the delivery proces. Our suppliers are small farms, whose main income, come from the sale of fruits to our company. In This way we contribute with the support and progress of near 300 families. Additionally we employ agricultural engineers highly qualified, who assure a rigorous and continuous quality control in the culture of the fruit and its post harvests.